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Solution Equipment™
bring you the new standard in Aluminium Construction Kits…Quantum3

The Quantum3 kit is based on Innovation, Modularity, Standardisation, Multi-functionality, strength, Stability & Speed.

Although some of the uses of Aluminium Construction Kits can be considered high value much of the work fulfilled is low to medium added value.As such we do not wish to absorb your valuable engineering time by asking you to pore through hundreds of pages of catalogue to decide between thousands of component choices, then forcing you to work
  out the many inflexible connecting permutations using parts that work for this line but not the other.

Your engineering time is best employed with your core high added value functions and not with peripheral non core activities The Quantum3 kit is based on a Modular, Multi-functioning range of standardised components. This means that only a fraction of the normal engineering time is required to achieve the same design results.

Equally when you decide to assemble yourself we do not ask you to drill or mill and as there are no holes in the bars then all bars of the same length and square are the exact same. Now all you need is to determine what length you want and not what length and with which hole pattern.

Make the change now and start reaping the benefits of the strongest, smartest and fastest construction kit on the market.  




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